Saturday, August 22, 2009

1965 Truth

"I have given serious consideration to writing a book, but given up the idea. The book would be the truth. And the truth and the popular reaction to it would be good for my ego. But in the long run it would be an unpatriotic act. It will destroy the morale of the army, lower its prestige amoung the people, be banned in Pakistan, and become a textbook for the Indians.

I have little doubt that the Indians will never forgive us the slight of 65 and will avenge it at the first opportunity. I am certain they will hit us in E. Pak [East Pakistan] and we will need all we have to save the situation. The first day of Grand Slam will be fateful in many ways. The worst has still to come and we have to prepare for it. The book is therefore out.", General Akthar Hussain Malik in a letter to his younger brother Lieutenant General Abdul Ali Malik, dated 23 Nov 1967.

p49-50, Pakistan's drift into extremism: Allah, the army, and America's war on terror by Hassan Abbas

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