Monday, July 27, 2009

Creation of Pakistan a Blunder


  1. Absolutely right, the current suitation of Pakistan sums it all up. Enough said.

  2. Lolzz... look who's talking ppll belonging to the country in which 21 states are filled with insurgents! The Gandhi whom they cry about was anti-Israel and they are taking help from them. What a shameless nation!!

    80% country is in a drought like condition, 40% marriages are conducted in India, highest rate of aids! And the list just keeps growing!!

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  6. Undoubtedly the place of your origin reflects upon your intelligence and hence the pointless diatribe.

    Firstly, not all Maoists are insurgents you ZH_AQ lapping punk.

    Gandhi was against the Israeli occupation not against the Israeli state. Hell, none of the arab nation support you on Kashmir, and much to your annoyance Iran and Palestine support the Indian stand on Kashmir.

    80% of Pukistan is Islamic fundamentalist and needs to be bombed to oblivion.

    40% of marriages are conducted in India ..???
    Jealous lol!! you over grown retard!! Come over we'll marry you to a swine in our zoo.

    People will pay to see what evolution’s rejects look like without having to cross the border.

  7. honestly ur answers even prove that u come from INDIA as foreigners say - INDIA = I'll Never Do It Again!

    Maoists are called insurgents as per ur "CHANNEL" ...Ur impotent army couldn't conduct a small operation in Lalgarh!

    As per an Indian - India is the world's biggest racist country where dalits and every other minority is subjected to torture, u guys are even in the watch list now!

    You pea brain... Israel has OCCUPIED the Palestinian place this is how Israel was formed! Do some research!! Get outta ur slum!!

    You pervert Indians couldn't even control urselves on TV...Molested women in train in "the amazing race"! sickos!

    And according to a news published majority of the tourists regret going to India and if one chcks the guest book they will be shocked because it if filled with ppll stating "It was my biggest mistake to visit India" and even worse comments!

    40% CHILD marriages take place in India!
    And the poverty even beats Africa!

    Please visit for more INFORMATION on the "INCREDIBLE" India -

  8. PS: Congratz on officially becoming "GAY" Hind!